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ruffly-4I’m Sheila, and thus occupied:

Full-time: graduate student, instructor, critic, flexibly accumulated mastermind (whatever you prefer to call it) in Literary and Cultural Studies (that’s English to most folk), Pittsburgh resident, vegetarian, atomic liberal

Part-time: paid funeral attendee (I play the bagpipes: funerals, weddings, barmitzvahs, what have you), variously engaged musician, band member, book collector, film-goer, snobby stuff enthusiast

Occasional: flower stealer, pool shark, dart champion, thing-smasher


One Comment

  1. Best wishes for your blogging. It might be difficult to get used to, sometimes it can be addictive, and other times so totally disgusting that you might want to run away — it’s the weirdness of the combination that keeps me interested.

    Thanks for the link and of course I added one back here.

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